Human Resources stands powerful of all to uplift the economy from any backdrop to the any top end

America’s GDP is 25% of Worlds economy with 22.2 trillion$ economy, it has announced 2.2 trillion $ for Corona relief fund to their citizens. Which is 10% of  Americas GDP.
whereas India’s GDP  With just 2.9 trillion $ economy It has announced just 1.6 Lakh crores which is 26 Billion US dollars  relief fund for all sectors,
If this lock down continues after April, will face severe economic crises, if we are not Switching ON to the service sector as soon the impact could collapse the nation economy, With this Impact India’s GDP would drops to 4 % or higher on average.

To my Knowledge All over the world , The lock down weapon to face Corona will soon be removed for exchange of needs and to give oxygen for the service sector where they can keep their country’s economy steady and safe on track, JazzCash partners with Women's World Banking to serve low-income ...


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