Its Easy to Crop their Mind in the Childhood

If we introduce the new concepts in the name of nation building, and nations integrity at the secondary and intermediate level, in all state and central curriculum, can boost the ocuntry to successful paths, if this can happen for 15 to 20 years continiously

Where the context and curriculum can penetrate the integrity of our great nation and its achievement’s, with comparisons with all global nations in various factors, can introduce 500 new varieties of courses, 500 variety of jobs and lot, also 500+ varieties of research conducted & Innovation hubs in all sectors which is a mandate for nation-building. Where the students of India know that only medicine and engineering, not even giving tuff competition in various fields. India has huge potential in growing all private and public sectors, today teaching and teachers can shape the future. fulfill the future aspirations that can pitch the country’s pride and integrity to global standards, and stands as powerful one among the top 5 developed countries… all these I am expecting happened by the creative teaching and nurturing the children best in industry. NURTURING THE CHILD FROM THE BASE SCHOOLING MAKES THIS COMES TRUE


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