English Language Centre is the only institute to promote best practicing methods to the young learners by installing creative teaching. ELC meets the needs of students from across the state in making them skilled in speaking and in communicating wider. Yielding better results to reach the destination in time is our motive. We import a panel of experts from various departments available to give some impact sessions to light-up a burning desire in the mindsets of the students.

Setting the language learning aspirants in a correct platform is the main theme of our start-up. We work hard to raise our standards of the institute up to the mark day today. We aim to reach more than 1000 students in every academic year. We are sure that we show a clear road map to clinch success in a defined time. Stimulating ideas and reflecting knowledge is our key motive.
To bring competitiveness in the students we are offering some merit-based certifications to the students who performed well in their academic field in any category from the lower level to a higher level in order to boost up. We also conduct some awareness programs to showcase the importance of English language and communication skills in the outer world. ELC smoothness student speaking abilities in English.

  • We trust in YES! you can do it……! if you think you can you can, if you think you can’t you can’t. you think whether you can or you can’t… all depends on your thinking whether you can or you can’t!

About Director

A man with well determination and strongly committed in training the students from student of LKG to student of PG, employees, accountants, lawyers, doctors, teachers etc…

I am one among the passionate people across the world towards teaching. My ideas are new, my methods are creative and the teaching style is so impressive to audience to focus on the classes. Innovative methods of practicing get attention towards the class. I am sure that I can make my students perform well in activities and show enormous growth and yield better results before the course gets completed. I always strive hard to bring changes in the education field to raise the standards.


in my space things goes on attention with loads of fun and concepts are delivered in a creative part. all my ideology is, how better we take the concepts to our hearts but not to our brains,

children possess good Cognitive skills and smart in understanding skills, its all a combination how we match those with our teaching strategies, education has its own thumping place in the world where there is no end for it… as the order of the date changes day by day, we see lot of drastically changes in advancement of technology in bringing the things handy to the learnings. all matters on how people focus… Learning should be the priority in the daily life no matter what kind of knowledge it is but choosing the suitable path of interest makes more sense.