Difference between

Clear progression throughout Band-7 & Clear overall progression 6-band

Band 7-(it’s easy to fallow from start to end, no lapses

Band-6 (May be some lapses why this sentence is doing there??- Incorrect use of a connector – linking devices- two small sentences confusing)

Band-5 lack of progression lack of confusion in different places in

Key words time representation

Cohesive devices:  whereas, in contrast, while, despite, although however except

Cohesive devices for time reference (Before-and then, after, meanwhile)

Progression: how quickly we move from one category to next category

Must not describe every detail from the question, but on the other hand, you must include all the most important information.

Second- largest produce


Logical organization

You must organise categories from; biggest to smallest, smallest to biggest, highest to lowest, lowest to highest or whatever is relevant to the categories.

Overview – Summery of trends-

No over view, will not get good points)

Selecting appropriate data

If the units mentioned wrongly consistently throughout the data

If billion mentioned and written as Dollars-Wrong-X