ELC Centre for language learning and personality development institute is one of the top most English teaching institutes in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Near future ELC is going to be the one of the best institute in the world. This is the only place where you can get friendly environment to speak and to share experiences in and around. We invite national wide expertise as a guest faculty to deliver the classes exclusively in the part of personality development like mind management, time management, money management teacher training skills etc… ELC is the only place to extract student ideas. Creative teaching is the biggest asset of ours. We inject every concept in their minds through creative teaching. We believe in creative teaching because, that is the most powerful tool to impart the knowledge in correct direction.

ELC means stress free education

ELC means creative teaching

ELC means knowledge based institution

ELC means the road map to success

ELC is the only place which defines life

ELC is the solution for human nature

ELC means sharing experiences which projects life…

  • There is no adjective that defines about ELC exactly in the current world everything is here to experience. Come and taste the experience of learning English language in different methodologies which you ever tasted in your life. Your presence in ELC is going to be a memorable in your whole life….
  • Friends, Step in to combat the competitive world, future is here…


Our mission is to create an friendly ecosystem and to meet international standards