Hard to Imagine the future, Young minds should work on the revolutionary ideas to save the animal kind for Balanced Ecosystem

This planet 🌍is amazing to all living beings. but We humans dominated
With 1.7 million Varieties of animal species has covered 2.5 % of earth space, We Humans at just 0.2 %. Yearly 115 million animals used for research tested and killed
Due to Bio-Research conduct the death % of animal number has increasing 15 % yearly, future Chances to touch at the rate of 25% yearly, if this COVID-19 INSTANCES repeats further it might touch to 60% yearly mark

My Prediction “AFTER some CENTURIES if Biological research centres stretches their wings Globally, In a Decade We touch mark of a Billion animal species will be killed for research, Far future I can estimate to a Trillion number, Which is biggest threat of all” SECRETS OF HIV-AIDS AND EBOLA FACTS JOURNAL: AIDS EXPERIMENTS ON ...


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