Time to celebrate my failures in the Tech Industry…

From childhood had a lot of dreams of flying in the air, but I don’t see any inspirational figure to consider, no such syllabus, no such educational fairs, I am just a watch guy who always wants to be in a group having fun, chat… after all taking life forward, got a degree in hand with great difficulty, focused on one particular field for food. did that with great passion served in the education field as a teacher and trainer and center head, but still, I feel something lag in my life which is haunting me for several years, changed to lots of professions, though I met very good people in all selected fields, I couldn’t imagine myself in best position wearing fake smile over face for the job needs. years passed had a lot of failures in my account at the same time I had successful moments for that instant to boost my strengths for strong standing with a courageous heart.

Now the time has come to work on my failures by investing time and passion work putting Money into this project. Every piece of effort must not go waste in my life. Experience@Chandrashekar

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