Spoken English /

The services that we offer here is Spoken English which is must nowadays.

We begin from the very basic to an advanced level in the limited time-bound. Every human career needs Personality Development in addition we are also offering the Personality Development classes on every Saturdays and Sundays.

Basics, verbs, Phrasal verbs , infinitives etc…




https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IPA_vowel_chart_with_audioRelated imageFuente: http://learnenglish.britishcouncil.org/en/apps/sounds-right

Communication Skills /

Skills, Communication skills which are very important to continue our career after education, every student has to upgrade their skills every week possible every day, all our skills take us hights to achieve. the student has to build those skills at the time of pursuing the education itself.

Personality Development /

Personality development training is most important aspect to human kinds. This is relatively enduring pattern of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that distinguish individuals from one another. To reach some heights personality development is must to shape their ideas and thoughts in the right phase. To face diversions in choosing, selecting, and managing. Personality development helps you in this regard. Personality develops internal development and compress inferior complexity and leads to positive thinking. This leads to enhancement of their perspective life style.

Some of our exclusive sessions are like 

  • Time management
  • Money management
  • Life management
  • Teacher training
  • Life management
  • Art of living

ELC invites a panel of experts as a guest faculty named Dr. B.V.Pattabhi Ram M.A, Ph.D., Psychologist & HRD consultant, Dr. Yandamoori Veerendranath a famous writer and personality trainer, Dr. A.Chiranjeevi and Gampa nageswar rao, not one many trainers from all over the state to impact the students in moulding their skills.



Dr.Yendamoori Veerendranath



Shri. Gampa nageswar rao

Above all personalities are to be welcomed to share knowledge and inspire the young minds and ignite their thoughts

The services that we offer here are so exiting and tempting in learning a language and in regarding personality

More about Personalities.

The above personalities are not ordinary, shaped millions of students which are lied in-order.


We welcome to u to the world of English to serve better and support you in all terms of ur goals that u want to achieve before you leave us. ELC can also extend the services after leaving the institute premises through various technologies methods in-order to reach best objective and targets 

Next Steps…

If you think you can, you can if you think you can’t you cant. you think whether u can or u cant. Everything depends on your thinking. We trust that everybody can speak English better before they leave from us but, this is not enough from our side but the student also must think the same to achieve what he wants.

Learning activities

We conduct some exclusive sessions on group discussions, debates, role-plays, dramatization, jam, teamwork, interview skills, overcome stage fear simultaneously with spoken English likewise on various topics to make them involved in the course in order to make them speak out within the institute premises to build some interpersonal skills like, how to cooperate? How to coordinate? How to have perfect eye contact? How to participate actively with some initiative skills are learned in ELC etc…

We confidently say that ELC is going to set a mark in the field of English language, communication skills, and personality development to a correct platform to shape students in right way in stipulated time. Given below are our initiatives

We provide hundreds of volumes in our library to read

Newspaper reading is must in ELC to develop their flow, accuracy in reading

Each student has to find at least two vocabularies in a day

Every student should introduce about themselves before the session begins

Classes run more effectively with joy and entertainment

We always welcome students to exhibit ideas for

We also introduce face to face conversations in every class

We encourage all students as good listeners

we also strongly build teamwork among them to achieve fruitful results

  • Group discussions
  • Mock interviews
  • Debates
  • Role-plays
  • Overcome stage fear
  • Just a minute
  • Dramatization
  • Teamwork
  • Interview skills

As we all know that, to face this current shining world we need to possess communication skills that are required to march forward. Some interpersonal skills are necessary for every humankind to grab an opportunity and to focus on real life.
                 “Friends step-in to combat the completive world”

Call to Action

9000979932, 9000979934 always available to help you…

Overseas Abroad Education

Many of the Indian graduates who pursue their Under graduation aims to study their Post graduation in Top Developed countries like AUSTRALIA, USA, CANADA, SINGAPORE, GERMANY, FRANCE the only difference we notice between Indian education system and abord education system is that the curriculum is based upon the Industries oriented, once the student finishes his/her education in an abroad university/college, they shall have huge opportunities in their hand so that reason Indians choose to leave the country to study further. 
the major reason for leaving the country for studies is after the two-year post-graduation study abroad, student are allowed to work for an extra period of two years. PSWV is issued Post-study work visa. here is the opportunity they can explore wider sustainability of the future…

 There are many TOP Leading consultancies in the state of Andhra Pradesh holding branches across the AP Vishakapatnam, Vijayawada, Hyderabad,

look at Google reviews with *Five star*

Top destinations like USA, Europe, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Singapore, France 

This is how the process varies from country to country






Basic documentation related academics and all the details with application fee Basic documentation related academics and all the details Basic documentation related academics and all the details(Skype interview) Basic documentation related academics and all the details Basic documentation related academics and all the details
Offer letter Offer letter Conducting a Skype interview by the university Offer letter Offer Letter
Send all details like offer letter& financials to college Initial deposit  &Embassy slot booking If ok, then issuing the offer letter and fee details Showing financials and uploading the documents Receives Conditional or un

(GT) clearance Genuine temp calls

College sends it to the embassy Enrolment


Then create a login id and upload whole documents like sop recommendation letter and etc… Paying one year fee and living expenses SDS approval GT clearance Genuine temp calls
Embassy acceptance partial IPA Living expenses (Blocked account) EDU load, savings account FDS Accommodation confirmation, financial status Confirming the TT Telegraphic Transcript and confirm Financial shown
Pay full fee with the signed agreement Visa checklist attending for visa embassy interview Booking slot for VFS  and attending the academic interview in person

Issue of AICC

Apply for Visa fee payment
Receives full IPA Approval 40 days’ time for confirmation Part-time jobs ok Part-time jobs available, fallowing the (sin) students insurance number (Get it in the airport itself) Confirm
Plan to Singapore with medicals student pass Free German classes Learning French is Mandatory Safe landing and starting education Visa Launch
After course allowed to stay two months more to get a job and sponsorship and


12K Fee  2k scholarship M 18k

B-9K accommodation funds

MBA 20k, 30k

 15 Lakh to 25 lakh

8000 for visa cost

32K Visa Fee
10 Lakh SG if not 4 Lakhs additional for the US Internships for two years Paid internships  Part-time jobs available Part-time jobs available
If Graduated in USA 90 Day time for OPT 1.3 Y  to get job and sponsorship and      3 years 2 years PSWV
No Part-time 5 Lakh Account      15 25Lakhs to be shown



SEMESTER wise Transcripts Photo copy
IELTS Photo copy
WORK EXPERIENCE( Offer letter, Relieving letter, Experience letter, Employment Id, 6 Month Pay slips, form 16-3 years IT Returns, PHOTO COPY)
OFFER Letter



13 Canada states and its Provinces

Facts about Canada:

  • United Nations ranked for seven consecutive years the best Place in the world to live
  • Inventions, the automobile, ice hockey, coastal line, diamonds, Mining, Hydroelectric power,
  • The second largest country in the world next to Russia
  • Traditionally been a country of immigrants and positively encourages multicultural diversity ( First country in the world
  • to adopt multiculturalism as a policy in 1971)
  • Very sparsely populated ( 3.3 persons/sq km )
  • Unemployment incredible ( approx 6% )
  • More than 1,70,000 international students studied full time in Canadian Universities in 2008-2009 ( source AUCC)
  • 80% of world animations created by Canadian Animators —Lion king, Jurassic Park, Terminator 2,The Lost World, Titanic, Apollo 13, The Mask, Superman

Educational Landscape

Diploma —- +2, 50 % or above / 6.0 with no band less than 5.5 (2 yrs duration)

Adv Diploma —- +2, 50 % or above / 6.0 with no band less than 5.5 (3 yrs duration)

Bachelors —- + 2, 50% or above / 6.0 with no band less than 5.5 (4 yrs duration)

PG Diploma/ Grad certificate —- Degree, 55% or above, 6.5 with no band less than 6 (1 yr)

Masters —- Bachelors, 65-70%, 6.5 with no band less than 6.0 (2 yrs duration)

Under general visa category IELTS 5.5 (no sub-band less than 5.0) is enough for Diplomas and Adv Diplomas.

CANADA – PR (67 Points needed for Permanent residence)

Canada education            25

Age                                   21-49

Language ability               24

Experience                         21

Adaptability                       10



one must take the medical examination in one of the Canadian registered hospitals mentioned in the Canada immigration site. Below attaching the link to see the hospitals listed


Application with KANAN International

Image result for kanan international imagesThis is the famous Portal all over the world where the agents of Abroad education consultancies can make the students application process smoothly by collecting minimal charges from the consultancies. Every consultancy has to tie up with KANAN International to meet the universities indirectly.


Living Expenses in Advance

Here is the name called GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate) where a student can create an account through online and drop the living expenses funds in advance in which students visa approval probability pitches and the process happens to be smooth

this helps international students


If a student prefers to study in International universities/ colleges in CANADA

he/she has to choose SCOTIA BANK which is famously known in Canada whereas SBI in India Banking for International studies

Image result for scotia bank images


$10,000 Canadian dollars must be shown in advance below link will show the way how to create the account

One should not wait for someone to come and dig their abilities, they should dig their own abilities to push their life forward

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